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Budget Safari Kenya proposals

"Kenya!! The cradle of mankind, home to fierce Masai and Samburu tribesmen, huge open rolling savannah, filled with wildlife where lions, leopards and cheetahs have over and again been captured on the natural geographical and BBC Big cats Daily."

"The world famous annual wildebeest migration has been named the seventh wonders. The Mountains, lakes, rivers and spectacular waterfalls, beautiful white sand beaches, from Diani beaches, North coast beaches, Watamu, Malindi and Lamu Island are some of the beast beach holiday destination Kenya and in Africa."

"Kenya is also known worldwide for long distance runners and for dominating most famous world Marathons, its people are warm and welcoming, always smiling and with love to assist visitors enjoy their vacation and make their holidays memorable and a dream come truth Vacation."

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Budget Kenya Safari Proposal 1

1st Night Comfort inn Nairobi - 2nd and 3rd Nights Masai Mara Sidai Camp


Budget Kenya Safari Proposal 2

1st night Nairobi Comfort inn - 2nd and 3rd Nights Masai Mara miti mingi camp - 4th Night Lake Nakuru National Park


Budget Kenya Safari Proposal 3

1st Night Nairobi Kenya comfort inn - 2nd and 3rd Nights Masai Mara Sidai camp - 4th Night Lake Nakuru National park - 5th and 6th Nights Amboseli National park

Budget Tanzania Safari proposals

Tanzania is one Africa’s largest countries and is blessed with an abundance of wildlife, world heritage sites, beautiful beaches, archeological sites and Africa’s highest free standing mountain, Mount Kilimanjaro. The semi-autonomous island of Zanzibar is a beach lover’s paradise. Tanzania is best loved for its wildlife. The world famous Serengeti National Park is home to millions of wildebeest, zebras and antelopes which form the world’s largest overland animal migration that is most of the year based in the vast Serengeti National Park before migrating to Masai Mara in Kenya for 3 months and back to Serengeti in the never ending cycle of life. A Tanzania safari is not complete without a visit to Ngorongoro Crater where man and wildlife has coexisted since the beginning of time. Home to the Oldupai Gorge archeological site where human footprints have been preserved by volcanic rock over the millennia, this is the true cradle of mankind – where it all began. Cultural and heritage visits where you are able to interact with the Masai who have for centuries herded cattle within the Ngorongoro Conservation area are an eye opening experience of one of Africa’s oldest warrior tribes.

For trekkers and mountain climbers, Mount Meru near Arusha, Ol donyo Lengai and the majestic Kilimanjaro will provide great mountaineering experiences.

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Budget Tanzania Safari Proposal 1

1st Night Arusha Planet Lodge - 2nd night Ngorongoro campsite - 3rd and 4th Nights Serengeti Seronera camp - 5th Night Arusha Planet Lodge


Budget Tanzania Safari Proposal 2

1st Night Arusha Planet Lodge - 2nd Night Lake Manyara camp - 3rd Night Ngorongoro campsite - 4th and 5th Nights Serengeti Seronera Camp - 6th Night Arusha Planet Lodge

Budget Kenya & Tanzania Safari proposals

We can organize combined Kenya and Tanzania safaris

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Budget Kenya & Tanzania Safari Proposal 1

1st Night Nairobi comfort inn - 2nd Night Lake Nakuru National Park - 3rd and 4th Nights Masai Mara Sidai camp - 5th and 6th Night Serengeti Seronera Campsite - 7th Night Ngorongoro campsite - 8th Night Lake Manyara camp - 9th Night Planet Lodge

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