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Everything in a safari can become spectacular if you know what you really would like to see, it is however absolutely necessary to have the right informations. You have to know how, when and why that particular event is going to take place. That’s why AFRICA VISION SAFARIS is here for!

cheeta in hunting
lion in hunting

"Hunting” for animals

People come to Kenya mostly to have a close look to wild animals. Here you can find all of them, herbivores and carnivorous, hunters and preys, it is possible to have a close look at all of them, without any kind of interference with their life.
This land is the safari home, any kind of safari can be organized: you can go looking for the “Big Five” (elephant, rhino, buffalo, lion, leopard) or your safari might be oriented toward birdwatching, there are then generalistic or specialistic safaris.
Any of them will for sure satisfy the participants. Nature and animals in Kenya never disappoint but most of all attention and satisfaction will be increased if you are lucky enough to witness an hunt between animals!


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