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Often within the parks there are small lookout areas, properly protected, where you can walk out of the jeep and get in direct contact with nature, but this may not be enough for those who really want to get deep into nature, though still being a "tourist" and without necessarily becoming an explorer.

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NATIONAL PARKS AND RESERVES. 5% of the Kenya’s territory is occupied by national parks and reserves set up in order to protect a natural heritage of extraordinary richness.
The first national park, in Nairobi, was established in 1945, but only in the 70s a strict legislation was enacted banning big games and poachers activities.
In Kenya there are currently 20 National Parks, 4 National Marine Parks, 25 National Reserves,5 National Marine Reserves, 11 Nature Reserves, 2 Hunting Oasis, 4 Wetlands of national interest. 6 of these sites are UNESCO Biosphere Reserves and 3 sites are considered a World Heritage Site: Lake Turkana National Park; Lamu Old Town, Mount Kenya National Park.


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