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If you are thinking of organizing your safari then you might consider that wildlife and landscapes of Africa are not enough, you need to see more, and what's most amazing than Man?

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Getting involved in Life

You might be able to participate to Kenya social life. Your chances are even amplified Just ask your guide which are the places, the moments and the best ways to dive into the life of both traditional and modern Kenya.
Visit the Kikuyu and Masai villages or participate in their rituals, or dive into the absolute chaos of big cities like Nairobi and Mombasa, visit markets, festivals, places of worship, all of this is possible and it may be done going from one park to the other.
Kenya is crossed by a number of important main roads, in their crossroads intersections of these roads you will find small"urbanized" centre , there will always be at least a petrol pump, small local hotels, markets, shops and restaurants where the inhabitants of the villages of the inland areas gather.


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